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Why Build with Block

“A new study comparing the construction costs of brick buildings to five common exteriors shows that brick with concrete masonry units (CMU) costs less than precast concrete, metal panel curtain wall and glass panel curtain wall systems. Conducted by RSMeans for the Brick Industry Association (BIA), the independent study compares total construction costs in five categories: three-story office building, three-story apartment building, five- to 10-story office building, four- to eight-story hospital, and a six-story dorm. Comparisons include exterior installation and finish systems (EIFS) with metal studs (lowest cost), brick with steel studs, manufactured stone with steel studs, brick with CMU, precast concrete, metal panel curtain wall, and glass panel curtain wall.”

Masonry is the wiser choice

“As flames chewed through hundreds of thousands of board feet of exposed lumber and plywood in a spectacular fire at an under-construction apartment building in downtown Raleigh, NC, a question swirled like smoke… Why build an apartment out of wood?”

“Industry groups that tried to get Maryland to outlaw certain types of wood frame construction in big buildings are pointing to this week’s fire disaster in College Park as proof that concrete and steel is safer for large multi-level residential projects.”

“Stephen Kip, an adjunct professor at Victoria University, said aluminium composite cladding of the style implicated in the Grenfell Tower fire in west London was used in “thousands” of high-rise apartments and other buildings, despite only being approved for use in Australia for interior use or in low-rise buildings. The material was also blamed for the “near-miss” fire in the Lacrosse building in Melbourne’s Docklands in 2014.

The majority of those buildings are clad in aluminium composite panels with a polyethylene core, which are highly flammable. Fire retardant and solid aluminium panels are available but are considerably more expensive.”

What is in our Block


Willocks Brothers uses a variety of materials that consist of many different weights, volumes and densities. The materials can range from expanded clay and shale, to crushed limestone or even granite. Each product is unique in the fact that Willocks Brothers has the capability to make many different products, colors, and shapes and sizes. Stop by today and look at the many different products we have to offer. Visit us at one of our two locations in Maryville or Knoxville and let us help you with your next project.